[Neuroimaging] [DIPY] Question about whole tracks *.trk registration using SLR

Perea Camargo, Rodrigo Dennis RPEREACAMARGO at mgh.harvard.edu
Wed Sep 20 18:43:25 EDT 2017

Hi Eleftherios & DIPY community,
I am trying to register two whole brain tracts as shown in your recent publication using the streamline-based linear registration. I am diving into Dipy now and I might have some problems loading the files or registering them.
Following your example ( http://nipy.org/dipy/examples_built/bundle_registration.html#example-bundle-registration), there are 2 issues that may arise when I try it.

1) How to load *.trk files is not shown in your example (it looks like you added to cingulum bundles from your dataset using the dipy.data value…) So I follow this tutorial (http://nipy.org/dipy/examples_built/streamline_formats.html ) to load the streamline and hdr but I am not sure if this is the format SLF() wants it in.

2) So then I try using the srr.optimize( ) function but I get the following problems (check below).

I hope you can help me.

Here is my Jupyter notebook with the errors I found (any help will be greatly appreciate it):

[cid:E8007168-CC60-44C2-98D4-377B91D1A9D9 at mgh.harvard.edu]

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