[Neuroimaging] Wanted: Two open positions in neuroimaging

Bennet Fauber bennet at umich.edu
Sat Sep 23 11:25:45 EDT 2017

The University of Michigan currently has two openings for people with
neuroimaging backgrounds and interests.  One is a post-doctoral fellowship,
and one is a regular staff position.  I provide a brief summary here and a
URL at the UM job site for each.

For the staff position, we are seeking someone with a good background in
fMRI design and analysis and good computing skills.  Our current
environment is heavily SPM-based, but we would like to expand use of
Python/NiPype, FSL, AFNI, and other non-MATLAB based tools in the future.
The successful candidate will become part of the core of the Michigan
Neuroimaging Initiative <http://www.umich.edu/~nii/>, which is entering its
second year.


Neuroimaging Analysis Specialist

The Functional MRI Laboratory <http://fmri.research.umich.edu> is an
interdisciplinary research unit founded in 2001 and organized under the
University of Michigan Office of Research. We are dedicated to supporting
research on the structures and functions of the brain that underlie
cognitive and affective processes, and research on functional MRI and
associated research tools. The Laboratory's mission is to maintain an
environment that will enhance the excellence of research using fMRI and
associated technologies by providing a well-equipped physical facility and
appropriate intellectual support services for investigators.

The primary role of this position will be to work with individual
investigators who use the fMRI facility to process and analyze their data.
These investigators have varying levels of expertise with analysis
protocols, so the successful candidate will be working most often with
relatively novice users of fMRI to develop design and analysis protocols,
and sometimes with more experienced investigators to conduct advanced
analyses. Examples of the responsibilities of the successful candidate

* Helping to create effective data acquisition designs as well as data
processing and analysis protocols once the data are collected
* Working with investigators to tailor their analyses to the research
questions under investigation
* Participating with other Lab members to train investigators in analysis
methods tailored to their research programs
* Participating with other Lab members in offering the annual fMRI training
* Joining forces with staff members from the Center for Statistical
Consulting and Research to offer workshops on issues concerning MRI and
fMRI data analysis
* Developing new analysis tools that are tailored to ongoing research
* Working with members of the Lab and the fMRI Methods Core to coordinate
data analysis protocols across campus
* Organize and/or provide training sessions to the user community on
Freesurfer, FSL, and other analysis software, as needed

Select qualifications

* Master’s or Ph.D. strongly preferred in computer science, biostatistics
with neuroimaging emphasis, or related field
* Experience working with brain imaging data - specifically MRI and/or
Functional MRI
* Two or more years of programming experience (specifically, shell
scripting, Matlab and Python)



Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Cognitive Neuroscience

The Cognition, Control, and Action (CoCoA) lab, directed by Dr. Taraz Lee
in the Department of Psychology is inviting applications for a postdoctoral
research position in cognitive neuroscience.

The goal of the research in the lab is to understand how the brain
implements cognitive control processes such as attention and motivation and
how these processes affect learning, memory, and performance in a variety
of contexts.  More recently we have begun several investigations into how
cognitive control and motivation interact with skilled action.  To achieve
this goal, we design and conduct experiments with young adults using
multiple methods, such as functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI),
non-invasive brain stimulation, and a battery of cognitive and motor
tasks. More
information about the CoCoA Lab can be found here


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