[Neuroimaging] Postdoctoral position at the NIH/NIMH

Anderson M. Winkler andersonwinkler at gmail.com
Tue Apr 17 06:52:30 EDT 2018

We are seeking enthusiastic applicants for a Post-Doctoral Fellowship
position to help with the collection and analysis of large brain-imaging
datasets. The successful candidate will use state-of-the-art artificial
intelligence methods, with the aim of better understanding psychiatric
disorders in young people with mental illness, particularly anxiety and
depression. Our goal is to understand better the causes and mechanisms of
certain psychiatric disorders, improve their definition and classification,
and ensure the best treatment can be offered to psychiatric patients.

The successful candidate will develop and apply deep learning algorithms to
multi-modal imaging datasets that include MRI (functional, structural),
EEG, MEG, and associated behavioral and clinical data. The methods
developed by the successful candidate will be used to:

- Integrate these diverse sources of information.
- Inform the construction computational models in psychiatry.
- Test the validity of such models.

Candidates with a strong computational background (e.g. PhD in Engineering,
Physics, Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics, Computational
Neuroscience, and related areas) who are interested in brain development
and psychopathology, are particularly encouraged to apply. Requirements for
this position include:

- Strong machine learning experience;
- Programming experience in Python (preferably), or in R/Matlab/Octave;
- Experience with open source machine learning libraries such as
Scikit-learn, Theano, and/or Tensorflow;
- Excellent interpersonal and written (English) communication skills.

Background experience in psychiatry or knowledge of neuroimaging software
are not required. However, the candidate will be expected to learn some of
these topics as part of their role in our research group.

The successful candidate will work jointly with the laboratories of Drs
Daniel Pine and Argyris Stringaris, and together with Dr Anderson Winkler,
Staff Scientist. Please write to Drs Pine (pined at mail.nih.gov), Stringaris (
argyris.stringaris at nih.gov) or Winkler (anderson.winkler at nih.gov) with your
application and CV.
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