[Neuroimaging] Extract max values from fit.transform()

Gabriel Reynés greynell at gmail.com
Wed Mar 7 11:26:09 EST 2018

This is a question related to a previous subject " [Neuroimaging] Use of
atlas to compute Z-Scores

I have an image of Z-Scores values. I want to extract the maximum Z-score
from each region based on an atlas.

So far, I use:

aal = datasets.fetch_atlas_aal('SPM12')
masker = input_data.NiftiLabelsMasker(aal.maps, standardize = True)
region_data  = masker.fit_transform([path_to_ZScore_image])

The problem is that region_data is the mean value. Is there some way to
extract the maximum value? Or another specific function (min, median...)?

Thanks in advance!

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