[Neuroimaging] ANN: Nibabel release 2.3.1

Christopher Markiewicz markiewicz at stanford.edu
Tue Oct 16 19:40:02 EDT 2018

Hi all,

Nibabel 2.3.1 has been released. This is mostly a bug fix release, but it does feature the new nib-diff utility that Yarik and Chris Cheng have been working on.

As always, thanks to all contributors, reviewers and users.

Please cite using the Zenodo DOI: https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.1464282

The full changelog follows:

Bug fix release for the 2.3 series.

Most work on NiBabel so far has been by Matthew Brett (MB), Michael Hanke (MH)
Ben Cipollini (BC), Marc-Alexandre Côté (MC), Chris Markiewicz (CM), Stephan
Gerhard (SG), Eric Larson (EL), Yaroslav Halchenko (YOH) and Chris Cheng (CC).

References like "pr/298" refer to github pull request numbers.

New features
* ``nib-diff`` command line tool for comparing image files (pr/617, pr/672,
  pr/678) (CC, reviewed by YOH, Pradeep Raamana and CM)

* Speed up reading of numeric arrays in CIFTI2 (pr/655) (Michiel Cottaar,
  reviewed by CM)
* Add ``ndim`` property to ``ArrayProxy`` and ``DataobjImage`` (pr/674) (CM,
  reviewed by MB)

Bug fixes
* Deterministic deduction of slice ordering in degenerate cases (pr/647)
  (YOH, reviewed by CM)
* Allow 0ms TR in MGH files (pr/653) (EL, reviewed by CM)
* Allow for PPC64 little-endian long doubles (pr/658) (MB, reviewed by CM)
* Correct construction of FreeSurfer annotation labels (pr/666) (CM, reviewed
  by EL, Paul D. McCarthy)
* Fix logic for persisting filehandles with indexed-gzip (pr/679) (Paul D.
  McCarthy, reviewed by CM)

* Fix semantic error in coordinate systems documentation (pr/646) (Ariel
  Rokem, reviewed by CM, MB)
* Test on Python 3.7, minor associated fixes (pr/651) (CM, reviewed by Gregory
  R. Lee, MB)


Chris Markiewicz

Center for Reproducible Neuroscience

Stanford University
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