[Neuroimaging] Nofima/Berkeley/Lund postdoc position: Diffusion MRI + DiPy

Stefan van der Walt stefanv at berkeley.edu
Sun Jun 23 02:17:28 EDT 2019

Nofima, the Norwegian food research institute, is searching for a
candidate for a three-year postdoctoral project from the fall of 2019 at
their Tromsø location. The project is in conjunction with UC Berkeley
and Lund University. Start date is negotiable.  The position has an
excellent work-life balance, five-weeks’ vacation, and participation in
the state health care system. Tromsø draws visitors from around the
globe for the world class hiking, skiing, kayaking and climbing

For more information, please contact kate.washburn at nofima.no 

Project Description:

Nearly half of all edible seafood is wasted due to real or perceived
quality problems. Currently, seafood characterization is very
qualitative, which hinders research. The project will use state of the
art MRI methods to develop quantitative descriptors of fish tissue. In
particular, newly developed diffusion tensor imaging methods will be
used to describe tissue structure at multiple length scales.  This
information will be used to improve processing and storage methods to
minimize waste and improve sustainability in the fishing industry. MRI
data will be correlated with hyperspectral imaging data with the aim of
developing high throughput screening techniques.


  • Improving MRI data analysis methods
  • Use machine learning to relate MRI data to quality attributes
  • Joint analysis and interpretation of MRI, hyperspectral and wet lab data
  • Assisting in data acquisition
  • Incorporating developed methods into the DiPy toolbox for dissemination
  • Publishing results in relevant academic journals and presenting results at relevant conferences


  • Doctoral degree in computer science, machine learning, physics, or other relevant discipline
  • Experience in programming
  • Experience in machine learning, image analysis, and neural networks
  • Experience in magnetic resonance is desirable, but not required
  • Fluent in both written and spoken English. Knowledge of Norwegian not required
  • Position will require some travel, and includes an overseas stay at UC Berkeley and at Lund University

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