[Neuroimaging] nipype interface not working

Syed Qasim Abbas SyedQasim.Abbas at latrobe.edu.au
Tue Jun 2 06:14:16 EDT 2020

I am trying to use ANTS module available in nipype interface. The example code is given below:

from nipype.interfaces.ants import CreateJacobianDeterminantImage
>>> jacobian = CreateJacobianDeterminantImage()
>>> jacobian.inputs.imageDimension = 3
>>> jacobian.inputs.deformationField = 'ants_Warp.nii.gz'
>>> jacobian.inputs.outputImage = 'out_name.nii.gz'
>>> jacobian.cmdline

The problem is that the code is not generating the output image and runs without popping any error message.

I am using spyder 4.1.3 to run this code.

Thanks for your positive suggestions in response.

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