[Neuroimaging] ANN: NiBabel 3.0.2

Gael Varoquaux gael.varoquaux at normalesup.org
Mon Mar 9 16:28:59 EDT 2020

Thank you Chris and all the nibabel team.

Indeed, we should all cite Nibabel (note to self). It's important!


On Mon, Mar 09, 2020 at 02:26:14PM +0000, Christopher Markiewicz wrote:
> Hi all,

> Just a quick note that NiBabel 3.0.2 is out. NiBabel 3.0.1 (which I failed to
> announce) and 3.0.2 are very minor bug fix releases that should mostly affect
> developers and package maintainers, and users should see no particular benefit
> to upgrading. Users that have h5py installed but are not using MINC2 should see
> a slightly reduced import time, thanks to Yarik.

> The next planned release is a feature release (3.1.0), with an estimated
> release time in a month or so.

> NiBabel can be cited via its Zenodo archives: https://doi.org/10.5281/
> zenodo.3701467

> Full changelog follows.

> ----

> Most work on NiBabel so far has been by Matthew Brett (MB), Chris Markiewicz
> (CM), Michael Hanke (MH), Marc-Alexandre Côté (MC), Ben Cipollini (BC), Paul
> McCarthy (PM), Chris Cheng (CC), Yaroslav Halchenko (YOH), Satra Ghosh (SG),
> Eric Larson (EL), Demian Wassermann, and Stephan Gerhard.

> References like "pr/298" refer to github pull request numbers.

> 3.0.2 (Monday 9 March 2020)
> ===========================

> Bug fixes
> ---------
> * Attempt to find versioneer version when building docs (pr/894) (CM)
> * Delay import of h5py until neded (backport of pr/889) (YOH, reviewed by CM)

> Maintenance
> -----------
> * Fix typo in documentation (backport of pr/893) (Zvi Baratz, reviewed by CM)
> * Set minimum matplotlib to 1.5.3 to ensure wheels are available on all
>   supported Python versions. (backport of pr/887) (CM)
> * Remove ``pyproject.toml`` for now. (issue/859) (CM)
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