[Neuroimaging] mayavi issue with pysurfer

Christophe Pallier christophe at pallier.org
Fri Oct 30 08:44:17 EDT 2020

Dear all,

When I call  add_overlay() on a Brain object (as in the first example
script from pysurfer's documentation), I get the following error:

Exception occurred in traits notification handler for object:
<mayavi.core.lut_manager.LUTManager object at 0x7eff48276110>, trait:
data_range, old value: [0. 1.], new value: [ 1.e+299 -1.e+299]
Traceback (most recent call last):
line 340, in __call__
line 434, in _data_range_changed
    assert value[0] <= value[1]

Any idea?

Christophe Pallier (http://www.pallier.org)
INSERM Cognitive Neuroimaging Lab (http://www.unicog.org)
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