[Neuroimaging] Nibabel CZI grant - starting work

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Tue Jul 6 07:47:09 EDT 2021

Excellent! Congratulations!


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>Dear all,
>You’ve already heard echoes about this on the list, but Nibabel now
>has a Chan Zuckerberg Initiative grant from their Essential
>Open-source Software for Science series.
>All the details are here:
>We actually got the grant back in October last year, to start in
>January, but I (Matthew) had some trouble negotiating time for the
>work.  That is now resolved and we have the money ready to spend, and
>the time to work on it.
>We are planning to get going on the grant work starting this week
>(starting 5 July).  You can see the general schedule in the work plan
>in the Github repo above.  In particular, we will get going on the
>planned milestones:
>I will be starting work on the axis labelling / metadata API, and
>better DICOM integration.  Chris will be ramping up work on the
>surface API.  Oscar will be extending the surface transform work.
>We’re emailing now to warn you that you will see more activity appear
>quite quickly, and we would really appreciate help in reviewing. We
>would love to hear from any of you who have particular interest in
>these topics.
>Matthew, Chris, Oscar
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