[Neuroimaging] Planning for data formats - upcoming journal club

Matthew Brett matthew.brett at gmail.com
Tue Nov 9 06:32:04 EST 2021


Summary:  we are planning to do a journal club to discuss new
neuroimaging data formats.  Please let me (Matthew) know if you want
to be included in the scheduling for the journal club.  Of course,
once we've got a time, anyone can join the journal club Zoom.


As part of the Chan-Zuckerberg grant work, we are thinking about new
formats for using and sharing neuroimaging data.

As you can see in the grant documents:


we've been thinking about HDF5, but further research (e.g. [1]) has
given us some pause for reflection.  Meanwhile, the astronomy
community has done some serious thinking about this, and written this
up in a paper proposing a new astronomy format:

Greenfield, M. Droettboom, E. Bray,
ASDF: A new data format for astronomy,
Astronomy and Computing,
Volume 12,
Pages 240-251,
ISSN 2213-1337,

Both the discussion and the format seem like a very good starting
point for our own thinking about data formats, so we'd like to have a
journal club to discuss it.

I (Matthew) am going to organize this via Calendly, and I've made a
Caldendly account for Nipy-related stuff, but, if you want to have a
say in when we do the journal club, please let me know so I can add
you to that account.  I'll publish the Calendly link in a day or so.



[1] https://cyrille.rossant.net/moving-away-hdf5/

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