[Neuroimaging] Data formats Discourse category

Matthew Brett matthew.brett at gmail.com
Wed Nov 10 08:32:09 EST 2021


The data formats journal club brought up many very useful lines of
discussion, and revealed that there are also discussions that have
happened, that are not archived.

I have taken the liberty of making a new Discourse forum for data
format discussions.  If you're interested, please go to:


and sign up if you need to.

As I've said in the introduction there, it's a Nipy forum, but that's
only because we've got a dedicated Nipy discourse site - it doesn't
imply any ownership of the discussion.  I'm just hoping that the
Discourse interface will prove a good way of supporting and recording
the discussion for posterity - for packages and platforms that are

If anyone wants more admin access to the forum, just let me know.



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