[Neuroimaging] Post-doc positions at BAMlab

Alex Crimi alex.crimi at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 18 16:32:50 EST 2022

 Dear all, 

Sorry for cross-posting.
We are looking for post-docs working in a brand new vibrant lab focused on neuroimaging 


More specifically, we are looking for talented  graduated PHD (or close to graduation) working on functional and structural connectivity from MRI,EEG and fNIRS in daily use, as investigating changes in daily use allows to see neurological, psychiatric effects in a broader sense. 

Apply even if the date on call is in the past, the positions will be filled when suitable candidates are found:https://sano.science/job-offers/eeg-fnirs-brain-analysis-in-real-world/ 

Required background and skills of the candidate: 
   - recent or pending PhD in relevant field of science (computer science/biomedical engineering or related fields); 
   - at least one first-author research publication in a peer-reviewed scientific journal, top conference or currently in press (e.g. Neuroimage, Nature Methods, Nature Communications, Nature Scientific Reports, PloS, IEEE TMI, …); 
   - Python programming, medical imaging experience (preferably in 3D or 4D), statistics; 
   - knowledge of time series signal as fMRI, EEG or fNIRS; 
   - excellent written and oral English communication skills; 
   - additional assets: knowledge of brain anatomy and related tools (Dipy, FSL, etc), experince in circuit design or electronics DIY (Arduino, RaspberryPi, Jetson, etc).    
We offer a fixed term contract for 40 hours per week for the duration of 2 years. This will be supported by an educational plan that includes attendance of courses and (international) meetings. The contract will include opportunities to participate in teaching and supervision of undergraduate and master students.    
The salary, depending on relevant experience before the beginning of the employment contract, will be up to 12.000-14.000 PLN (2.6-3.1k EUR) gross per month, based on a full-time contract (40 hours a week) for the duration of 2 years with private medical care and a sports card.    
Sano offers excellent opportunities for study and development, an access to many international conferences on computational medicine and a possibility to grow in a scientific society.    
For scientific inquiries contacta.crimi at sanoscience.org    
For organizational inquiries contacte.sokalska at sanoscience.org    

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Dr. Alessandro Crimi

Research Group Leader




Centre for Computational Medicine

Czarnowiejska 36, building C5.

30-072 Kraków, Poland 

Phone: +48 575 455 016



Visiting Lecturer

African Institute for Mathematical Sciences




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