[Neuroimaging] Nilearn 0.10.0 Release

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Congrats, nilearn team!

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Subject: [Neuroimaging] Nilearn 0.10.0 Release

Dear all,

We have just released Nilearn 0.10.0!

Importantly, we bumped up minimum version of the following:

Python 3.7 is deprecated and will be removed in release 0.12.
We recommend upgrading to Python 3.10.

Minimum supported versions of packages have been bumped up:
- Numpy – v1.19.0
- SciPy – v1.6.0
- Scikit-learn – v1.0.0
- Nibabel – v3.2.0
- Pandas – v1.1.5
- Joblib – v1.0.0

You can see the highlights of this release and a full list of changes here:


You can install nilearn with (recommended in a virtual environment):

        python -m pip install -U nilearn

Thank you to all the contributors and we look forward to hearing your feedback!

Best regards,

Yasmin Mzayek

On behalf of the Nilearn team
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