[New-bugs-announce] [issue1277] mailbox.Maildir: factory not used

Bernd Wurst report at bugs.python.org
Sun Oct 14 18:02:43 CEST 2007

New submission from Bernd Wurst:

The "factory"-argument to the constructorof mailbox.Maildir is not 
used as it should be.

First, it's default is set to rfc822.Message instead of MaildirMessage 
and then, inside the module's code, MaildirMessage is hard-coded as a 
message constructor.

If I need a derived class with custom attributes, I cannot use it.

components: Extension Modules
messages: 56418
nosy: bwurst
severity: normal
status: open
title: mailbox.Maildir: factory not used
type: resource usage
versions: Python 2.5

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