[New-bugs-announce] [issue1190] Windows rants& sugestions.

Michael Lawrence report at bugs.python.org
Sat Sep 22 19:08:31 CEST 2007

New submission from Michael Lawrence:

TCL Perl , resources , sometimes with the python tool kit , i'd want 
certin compontents removed , 
namely tcl/tk ; on a custom Installer Do you have windows TCL/TK 
(YES/no) (Yes) and the gui option panel to repoiit items add perl ruby 
ponteirs etc.

Alt Python (type) I/E Unix or Cygwin 
ALT perl , Iterix is a real sweet set of tools ,

But mainly Adding Path Statments and getting rid of other Python 
interpriters, and just using main python, 
version'd python is nice but , often force C:\Python 

for windows i just wish you could index other dirs of python code , etc 
and compile them to pyc with a right click option.

some programs use full blown python stubs , anyhow with a path option 
etc , be nice to not have orphaned stubs, etc. 

Juice and others use older python compiler etc, a script to hunt down 
compile > default python = C:\Python\python.exe etc.
also lib paths on python for windows \python\lib-ver keep scripts for 
migration. etc. 
just for sake of argument give upgrade ease and less python25; 25; 26 ; 
30b folders 
and for testing can put the stable into main |python|bin 
beta into |python|testing|bin etc. 

thouse are my few irks with windows , having main tcl path specified is 
resonable because with a utility it is eassy to script-name.tcl > 
filename.dll  , wich offers some speed. 

I dont program to much but , I do try not to have wastes of disk space.
just the option of setting TCL/TK , perl ruby etc for python to call 
from default location would be a plus , and would save some disk space. 
and if the tcl/tk were updated wouldnt break links.
and if 
jsee or just the java  plugin were installed to have system vabiles etc 
for usage. 
PATHEXT add item for executable , can add ruby perl etc to it as well 
for py or pyc, this too would force a default python interpriter, 
option. the curent python for widows is alot faster than the older mini 
ones in other apps. 

anyhow thats my 2 ¢ cents

components: Windows
messages: 56089
nosy: wolfstar359
severity: minor
status: open
title: Windows rants& sugestions.
type: resource usage

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