[New-bugs-announce] [issue2933] "Documenting Python: Syntax" bug

Wallace Owen report at bugs.python.org
Wed May 21 03:21:18 CEST 2008

New submission from Wallace Owen <owen at metamachine.com>:

The 'documenting Python' document, section 4.1, at this url:
has an incorrect (but correctly spelled) word in one of it's sentences:

Macros which take no parameters but which should not be followed by a
word space do not need special treatment if the following character in
the document source if not a name character (such as punctuation).

The phrase "source if not a name" should be "source is not a name".

By the way, in attempting to classify this bug within the parameters
allowed, I observe that there is no correct 'Type' for this bug: none of
the allowed choices seem to apply.  It's not a "crash", "compile error",
"resource usage", "security", "behavior", "performance" or "feature
request".  I figured "feature request" would ring the fewest alarm
bells, so I used that.

assignee: georg.brandl
components: Documentation
messages: 67143
nosy: georg.brandl, owen
severity: normal
status: open
title: "Documenting Python: Syntax" bug
type: feature request
versions: Python 3.0

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