[New-bugs-announce] [issue4821] Patches for thread-support in built-in SHA modules

Lukas Lueg report at bugs.python.org
Sat Jan 3 18:08:24 CET 2009

New submission from Lukas Lueg <knabberknusperhaus at yahoo.de>:

Here is the follow-up to issue #4818. The patches attached allow the
built-in SHA modules to release the GIL.

Also the build-in SHA modules will now no longer accept "s#" as input.
Input is parsed just as in the openssl-driven classes where
unicode-objects are explicitly rejected.

The built-in hash modules have been not quite beautiful before even more
code is now copy & pasted between them. Is there any interest in
refactoring all those modules? AFAIK _sha1 and such are only used by
hashlib.py ...

messages: 78975
nosy: ebfe
severity: normal
status: open
title: Patches for thread-support in built-in SHA modules

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