[New-bugs-announce] [issue8399] Document os.open

anatoly techtonik report at bugs.python.org
Wed Apr 14 15:26:04 CEST 2010

New submission from anatoly techtonik <techtonik at gmail.com>:

Need to document the that os.O_BINARY flag is obligatory for cross-platform behavior of os.open() on Windows. By default os.open() opens file as binary on Unix, but as text on Windows.

See also issue2028 for discussion of making os.O_BINARY default on py3k. I can reopen this issue.

assignee: georg.brandl
components: Documentation, Library (Lib)
messages: 103128
nosy: georg.brandl, techtonik
severity: normal
status: open
title: Document os.open
type: behavior
versions: Python 2.6, Python 2.7, Python 3.1, Python 3.2, Python 3.3

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