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Tue Jan 4 20:44:17 CET 2011

New submission from ingemar <ingemar at sijohansson.com>:

I have a set of programs written for Python3.1 and running well on Kubuntu. The source files are located on a Samba server on a Kubuntu box.  Several of the programs contain Python/PyQt  code to start other programs in the set (   QtCore.QProcess().startDetached(kommando)   )
I have had no problems using non-ascii filenames in the Linux environment.

When I tried to check the programs in a MS Windows environment  (Win2K with Python 3.1.2 in a VirtualBox in a Kubuntu box) then Python complained:
ImportError: module xxx not found..

The ugly solution has been to refrain from the use of non-ascii characters in the names of files imported from. This involved the filename of the imported file and also one line of code changed in the importing file.

1) rename  "gui_jämföra.py"   --->   "gui_jamfora.py"
2) in the importing file  "jämföra.py"  change one line:
"from  gui_jämföra  import  * "   --->   "from  gui_jamfora  import  gui_Jämföra"

Is there a beautiful solution that will permit me to use non-ascii utf-8 also in the file names of files imported from?

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title: Cannot use nonascii utf8 in names of files imported from
versions: Python 3.1

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