[New-bugs-announce] [issue13963] dev guide has no mention of mechanics of patch review

Dave Malcolm report at bugs.python.org
Tue Feb 7 17:24:38 CET 2012

New submission from Dave Malcolm <dmalcolm at redhat.com>:

I've been waiting for patch review of my work on http://bugs.python.org/issue13703 only to discover that people *have* been reviewing it.

It turns out that next to some of the patches in the issue tracker there's a "review" link, which takes me to http://bugs.python.org/review/13703/show and there's a whole second conversation going on about the issue there.  I haven't been getting any emails about it.

I've been looking through http://docs.python.org/devguide but I can't see any mention of the mechanics of patch review, or that this secondary site exists.  
Clearly I missed something big, but was it actually documented anywhere?

http://docs.python.org/devguide/patch.html mentions uploading patches for review, and talks about an iterative process of commenting and refining a patch, but when I read it, I assumed it was referring to discussion within the issue, rather than on this secondary site.

Some questions:
  * Do all patches go into this review site, or do I have to do something extra to get them to land there?
  * I have patches for both 2.6 and 3.1 - are they kept separate, or do they affect each other's "delta from patch set"?
  * Is there a way to enable notifications, e.g. for me to receive emails when someone comments on my patch?  or to put a comment into the *issue* noting that someone commented on the patch?


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title: dev guide has no mention of mechanics of patch review

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