[New-bugs-announce] [issue14020] Improve HTMLParser doc

Ezio Melotti report at bugs.python.org
Wed Feb 15 14:59:32 CET 2012

New submission from Ezio Melotti <ezio.melotti at gmail.com>:

Attached patch reworks a bit the HTMLParser doc:
 - moved the basic example on the top and showed the output;
 - added a more complete parser with other examples;
 - fixed some factual errors;
 - added additional information for some methods;
 - added a couple of headers to divide the sections;
 - rephrased the text a bit to be more coherent and clear;
 - fixed a few links, typos, and terms;

I think the note about IE condcoms could be removed by the handle_comment doc, since it's already in the examples at the bottom.  A note in handle_data about the behavior with buffered input might be added in addition to the example at the bottom.

assignee: ezio.melotti
components: Documentation
files: issue14020.diff
keywords: patch
messages: 153401
nosy: eli.bendersky, eric.araujo, ezio.melotti, terry.reedy
priority: normal
severity: normal
stage: commit review
status: open
title: Improve HTMLParser doc
type: enhancement
versions: Python 2.7, Python 3.2, Python 3.3
Added file: http://bugs.python.org/file24523/issue14020.diff

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