[New-bugs-announce] [issue14040] Deprecate some of the module file formats

Antoine Pitrou report at bugs.python.org
Fri Feb 17 14:36:36 CET 2012

New submission from Antoine Pitrou <pitrou at free.fr>:

Stating module files of the form "xxxmodule.so" consumes all 1/3 of stat calls at startup. Looking at the site-packages folders on my machine, both for 2.7 and 3.2, reveals no C extension that follows such naming.

This patch deprecates such module namings, so that they can be removed in a later version.

components: Interpreter Core, Library (Lib)
files: impsuffix.patch
keywords: patch
messages: 153544
nosy: barry, brett.cannon, dmalcolm, loewis, neologix, pitrou
priority: normal
severity: normal
stage: patch review
status: open
title: Deprecate some of the module file formats
type: performance
versions: Python 3.3
Added file: http://bugs.python.org/file24544/impsuffix.patch

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