[New-bugs-announce] [issue18240] hmac unnecessarily restricts input to "bytes"

Jonas Borgström report at bugs.python.org
Mon Jun 17 12:38:28 CEST 2013

New submission from Jonas Borgström:

In hmac.py there's a type check that verifies that the msg parameter is of type bytes().

if not isinstance(msg, bytes):
    raise TypeError("expected bytes, but got %r" % type(msg).__name__)

That is incorrect. The hmac module should also work with other data types as long as they are supported by the underlying hashlib module, for example bytearray() and memoryview().

Remove that type check. hashlib will make sure str() and other invalid data types raises a TypeError.

components: Library (Lib)
messages: 191321
nosy: jborg
priority: normal
severity: normal
status: open
title: hmac unnecessarily restricts input to "bytes"
type: behavior
versions: Python 3.3

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