[New-bugs-announce] [issue17935] Failed compile on XP buildbot

Antoine Pitrou report at bugs.python.org
Wed May 8 14:03:24 CEST 2013

New submission from Antoine Pitrou:

OpenSSL fails compiling on the XP-4 buildbot. Judging by the errors below (snipped), the nasm version may be too old (?) to understand some of the assembler instructions used in the source. David, could you perhaps take a look?


  cd "d:\cygwin\home\db3l\buildarea\3.x.bolen-windows\build\PCbuild\"
  "d:\cygwin\home\db3l\buildarea\3.x.bolen-windows\build\PCbuild\python_d.exe" build_ssl.py Release Win32 -a
  Found a working perl at 'c:\Perl\bin\perl.exe'
  Executing ssl makefiles: nmake /nologo -f "ms\nt.mak"
  Building OpenSSL
  	nasm -f win32 -o tmp32\sha1-586.obj tmp32\sha1-586.asm
  tmp32\sha1-586.asm:2646: warning: label alone on a line without a colon might be in error
  tmp32\sha1-586.asm:2647: error: parser: instruction expected
  tmp32\sha1-586.asm:2648: error: symbol `vmovdqa' redefined
  tmp32\sha1-586.asm:2648: error: parser: instruction expected
  tmp32\sha1-586.asm:2649: error: symbol `vmovdqa' redefined
  tmp32\sha1-586.asm:2649: error: parser: instruction expected
  tmp32\sha1-586.asm:2650: error: symbol `vmovdqa' redefined
  tmp32\sha1-586.asm:2650: error: parser: instruction expected
  tmp32\sha1-586.asm:2651: error: symbol `vmovdqa' redefined
  tmp32\sha1-586.asm:2651: error: parser: instruction expected
  tmp32\sha1-586.asm:2658: error: symbol `vmovdqa' redefined
  tmp32\sha1-586.asm:2658: error: parser: instruction expected
  tmp32\sha1-586.asm:2659: error: symbol `vmovdqa' redefined
  tmp32\sha1-586.asm:2659: error: parser: instruction expected
  tmp32\sha1-586.asm:2660: error: symbol `vmovdqa' redefined
  tmp32\sha1-586.asm:2660: error: parser: instruction expected
  tmp32\sha1-586.asm:2662: error: symbol `vmovdqa' redefined

components: Build
keywords: buildbot
messages: 188720
nosy: db3l, loewis, pitrou
priority: high
severity: normal
status: open
title: Failed compile on XP buildbot
type: compile error
versions: Python 3.3, Python 3.4

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