[New-bugs-announce] [issue18103] Create a GUI test framework for Idle

Terry J. Reedy report at bugs.python.org
Thu May 30 23:06:57 CEST 2013

New submission from Terry J. Reedy:

This is a follow-up to #15392, which created the Idle test framework. The similar endpoint for this issue will be a framework for tests that require a gui resource, at least one prototype test file, and documentation of Idle practice. At the moment, completely automated tests that can run on buildbots with a gui, but without human intervention, are a lower priority to me than adding text-only tests.

The tkinter test framework should be a starting point, but some things should be modernized, as they were for the basic framework. This means using unittest rather than regrtest. One thing to copy may be to put gui-tests in a separate directory. I presume load_tests() could conditionally load tests in such a directory.

It is not clear to me to what extent tk widgets can be created and manipulated without being shown on a screen or needing a 'gui' resource.

Idle tests are not intended to test tkinter and tk. A mock_tk could replace at least some gui use. Creating a mock-tk framework would be a different issue from this one. A generic tk mock might possibly go in a tkinter subdirectory. Mocks of Idle classes would belong somewhere below idle_test.

As noted in #15392, about 20 idlelib files have primitive non-automated 'main' tests requiring unspecified human action and observation, some of which do not even run. The 'test' is to see whether the action produced the expected response (which one has to know) or to check the appearance of a text or dialog widget. A first step might be to upgrade and semi-automate these instructions with unittests in idle_test/human. Running them all with one documented command or import would be much nicer pleasant than having to discover and run each individually. I might make this a separate sub-issue.

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status: open
title: Create a GUI test framework for Idle
type: enhancement
versions: Python 2.7, Python 3.3, Python 3.4

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