[New-bugs-announce] [issue20659] Want to make a class method a property by combining decorators

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Mon Feb 17 14:43:57 CET 2014

New submission from the mulhern:

The problems is that it is quite possible to define a property using @property in a class and then later to realize that it really ought to be a class method, not an instance method. But then, if you change it to a class method, using @classmethod annotation, the @property annotation will fail to work. If you are a pedantic person, and name your properties differently than you name your methods, you have to:
1) Change all uses of this former property back to method invocations, with a "()"
2) Change the name, so it now reflects that it is an actual function, not a property any longer.

I think an @classproperty and an @staticproperty decorator would take this problem away.

An alternative would be to make it possible to chain @property and @classmethod. I know that this is sort of doable for ABC.abstractproperty which is now deprecated in favor of @property combined with @ABC.abstractmethod. This would be ideal, but I can not pretend to know if it would be possible. Also, I suspect that the order would matter as it does for ABC as described in http://bugs.python.org/issue16267.

components: Library (Lib)
messages: 211416
nosy: the.mulhern
priority: normal
severity: normal
status: open
title: Want to make a class method a property by combining decorators
type: enhancement
versions: Python 2.7, Python 3.1, Python 3.2, Python 3.3, Python 3.4

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