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Wed Oct 22 08:51:41 CEST 2014

New submission from James:


    Now, I really want you to think about the hunt and pick method of programming and learning how to program.  Being self taught, isn’t something that can happen unless, the authors of the software want people to learn how to use it.  Help files, are not typically designed that way but, there’s an easy way to design them that way.  Some of the strange notation that requires a course in computer science, is not what anybody needs to program a computer.  The computer science method of explaining computer programming languages is all literally politics, or legal terms.  Let’s not make it harder than it really is, and keep both politics and legal terms out of this when in reality we just need a few terms to be define a function subroutine or suite of utilities and tools.  There’s science the right way, and we name things because they’ve never been named before, and then there’s politics, were we just talk too much about one dumb thing, or legal terms, and just re-invent the language around how many different ways we are capable of explaining the same damn thing differently, or making a new word out of lecture of human social situations and by defining one human social situation, come up with one legal term.

    People work best one way, they learn by example.


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