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Tue Mar 22 20:56:24 EDT 2016

New submission from Stubz:

The last line has a typo ... Dict.fromkeys -> dict.fromkeys

I am a newbie, but that was just a pain in the ass ...

Worked my way thru this How to and spent an hour+ trying to sort a circular argument error...

Was this intentional ¿
In as much as it was a pain in the ass, I think I got the concept sorted ...


Static Methods and Class Methods

This behavior is useful whenever the function only needs to have a class reference and does not care about any underlying data. One use for classmethods is to create alternate class constructors. In Python 2.3, the classmethod dict.fromkeys() creates a new dictionary from a list of keys. The pure Python equivalent is:

class Dict(object):
    . . .
    def fromkeys(klass, iterable, value=None):
        "Emulate dict_fromkeys() in Objects/dictobject.c"
        d = klass()
        for key in iterable:
            d[key] = value
        return d
    fromkeys = classmethod(fromkeys)

Now a new dictionary of unique keys can be constructed like this:


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