[New-bugs-announce] [issue45286] zipfile missing API for links

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Sat Sep 25 08:27:00 EDT 2021

New submission from mxmlnkn <maxinator333 at googlemail.com>:

When using zipfile as a library to get simple files, there is no way to method to determine whether a ZipInfo object is a link or not. Moreover, links can be simply opened and read like normal files and will contain the link path, which is unexpected in most cases, I think.

ZipInfo already has an `is_dir` getter. It would be nice if there also was an `is_link` getter. Note that `__repr__` actually shows the filemode, which is `lrwxrwxrwx`. But there is not even a getter for the file mode.

For now, I can try to use the code from `__repl__` to extract the file mode from the `external_attr` member but the contents of that member are not documented in zipfile and assuming it is the same as in the ZIP file format specification, it's OS-dependent.

Additionally to `is_link` some getter like `linkname` or so would be nice. As to how it should behave when calling `open` or `read` on a link, I'm not sure.

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title: zipfile missing API for links

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