[Numpy-discussion] Request for Datasets

Robert Kern kern at its.caltech.edu
Tue Apr 11 19:16:19 EDT 2000


I'm working on a Multipack module to use ODRPACK for non-linear regression
problems.  ODRPACK is available from NETLIB if you want information:

I'm in the debugging phase right now, and I want to be able to test my 
interfaces to most if not all of ODRPACK's capabilities.  

Consequently, I need datasets with some of the following properties:

* multiple inputs (or a vector of inputs)
* multiple responses (or a vector of responses)
* errors/weights on either the responses, inputs, or both
* covariance matrices for the errors on responses/inputs/both (in the case
  of multiple inputs/responses)
* any differentiable functional form that I can make a Python function
  compute using Numpy and SpecialFuncs ufuncs (and maybe a few others)
* problems where it is sensible to fix particular parameters and estimate
  the others
* problems where it is sensible to fix particular datapoints
  (e.g. boundary conditions)
* problems where some datapoints should be removed

I would be much obliged if any of you could send me datasets that have
some of these characteristics.  I would prefer them to be in something
parsable by Python, either a simple plaintext format or even NetCDF to
goad me into learning how to use Konrad's NetCDF interface.  A description
of the function to fit to is necessary, and a brief description of the
problem and perhaps even the expected answers would be nice.

*** Please e-mail these to me and not the list.

If you would like more information or clarification, please e-mail me.

Many thanks for your time and possible contribution.

Robert Kern
kern at caltech.edu

"In the fields of hell where the grass grows high
 Are the graves of dreams allowed to die."
  -- Richard Harter

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