[Numpy-discussion] Gnu Scientic Library

Tim Churches tchur at bigpond.com
Sat Apr 29 19:12:11 EDT 2000

Vanroose Wim wrote:
> Dear Madam, Sir,
>             I recently started to use the GSLibrary from
> http://soureware.cygnus.com/gsl/   The have a interesting collection of
> special functions.  And a started to wrap several of them into my python
> programs.  Does anybody has experiences with GSL??
>             Would n't it be beautiful to produce a python module based
> on the GSL  special functions.  Did somebody already do it???
> Wim Vanroose


Have a look at
and search for the string "GSL". As you will see, we originally proposed
to wrap at least the statistical functions of GSL as User-Defined
Functions and/or User-Defined Procedures for MySQL. (Note that the GNU
Goose library which we mention is no longer under separate, active
development, having been rolled back into the GNOME Guppy project, it
seems). We still hope to wrap GSL for use directly in MySQL, but this
now has a lower priority after experiencing how fast and
memory-efficient NumPy is for basic exploratory statistics when used in
conjunction with Gary Strangman's stats.py package. Nevertheless, it
would be useful to have the GSL library available in Python - is it
feasible to make it work with NumPy arrays as well as other Python
sequences? We are most interested in the statistical aspects of the
library but all the functions are potentially useful.

My C skills are not up to the task but perhaps someone else on the
GS-discuss mailing list might be able to assist?


Tim Churches

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