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rlw at stsci.edu rlw at stsci.edu
Wed Dec 6 14:26:55 EST 2000

>From taylor at rhino.llnl.gov Wed Dec  6 13:23 EST 2000
>I think a more portable solution is to just make it all an if statement.
>I'm not comfortable with presuming that floats are always 4 bytes.

I agree -- I also had the thought of changing to an if statement after
I sent my mail.  Much better than the switch since it can't break.

>I've thrown in the int and float cases to make sure we cover every
>machine that may be out there.

I suspect that if float is 8 bytes then int will be too.  Just char,
short, float, and double should suffice.  If the 4-byte version is
missing it will just fall back on the default (slower but otherwise
OK), and if the C compiler doesn't support shorter data items then
probably the user won't be using them anyway...
					Rick White

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