[Numpy-discussion] Tutorial in Numerical Python? (fwd)

Herb Schilling Herbert.W.Schilling at grc.nasa.gov
Wed Dec 13 09:06:08 EST 2000

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>Date: 13 Dec 2000 11:27:08 +0000
>From: José Luis Gómez Dans <j.l.gomez-dans at sheffield.ac.uk>
>Newsgroups: comp.lang.python
>Subject: Tutorial in Numerical Python?
>         I am wondering whether such a thing exists. Is there a nice
>tutorial for NumPy that guides you through the basic steps? Say, a
>little hands-on introduction to Linear Algebra, Transforms and
>possibly the inclusion of some of the graphic modules?


  Take a look at: <http://www.wag.caltech.edu/home/rpm/python_course/>
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