[Numpy-discussion] bilinear/sampled scaling

Pete Shinners pete at visionart.com
Tue Nov 7 19:07:27 EST 2000

i have image data in a 2D array that i'd like to change the size
of. currently, i'm just doing a dirty sampled scaling that i came
up with. this works, but can only do a 2x resize.

dst[::2,::2] = src
dst[1::2,::2] = src
dst[:,1::2] = dst[:,::2]

this isn't too bad, but it's definitely one of my bottlenecks,
can the code to do this be sped through some ingenious use of

i'm also trying to figure out a clean, fast way to do
bilinear scaling on my data. it seems like there would be 
something in numeric to do linear resampling, but i haven't
figured it out. i'd like to be able to resample stuff like
audio data as well as just image data.

thanks for any pointers into this.

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