[Numpy-discussion] 17.2 source release

Berthold Höllmann hoel at germanlloyd.org
Tue Nov 28 06:38:31 EST 2000

"Paul F. Dubois" <pauldubois at home.com> writes:

> I have released 17.2. This is essentially a catch-up-to-CVS release. If you
> don't upgrade nothing astonishing will be missing from your life, unless you
> are using MA, which has been worked on some since 17.1.
> I installed a performance enhancement submitted by Pete Shinners, who said:
> "I've got a quick optimization for the arrayobject.c source.
> it speeds my usage of numpy up by about 100%. i've tested with
> other numpy apps and noticed a minimum of about 20% speed."


Is it 17.1.2 or is it missing on Sourceforge? O only see a 17.1.2
which has a corresponding file date, but no 10.2


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