[Numpy-discussion] Static linking with Python 2.0 (Setup.local)

Paul F. Dubois pauldubois at home.com
Thu Nov 2 21:57:38 EST 2000

I believe you can deduce the modules being built and the sources / include /
lib directories for them by examining setup.py.

When we switched to distutils we chucked our Setup file.

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I successfully installed the latest release with the
distutils package. But now I need to statically link
the Numeric package into my Python 2.0 interpreter
(it's easier for me to ship "frozen" python binaries
for some lab machines...one file instead of hundreds).

Could anyone please email me (or post) the section
of your Modules/Setup.local that can do this?
Something like:

_numpymodule.c -L/users/stannous/lib -L/usr/lib -lm -I/users/stannous/includ

just doesn't work...

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