[Numpy-discussion] Fatal Python error: Unprotected floating point exception

Paul F. Dubois pauldubois at home.com
Sat Nov 18 11:34:30 EST 2000

To make numpy work with fpectl someone needs to add some macro calls to its
source. This has not been done.

Please visit sourceforge.net/projects/numpy and get a new release of Numpy.
Perhaps that will correct your problem.

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Hi Numpy people!

My nice numpy code generates very few Inf numbers, wich destroy the
results of my longer simulations. I was dreaming to have the processor
raising an interruption and python caching it to locate and understand
quickly why and how it is happening and correct the code.

I currently use Python 1.5.2 with Numeric 11 on debian linux 2 .

I made some very desappointing test with the module fpectl

The last result I got is:

Fatal Python error: Unprotected floating point exception

Do I have to understand that my Numpy is not compatible with fpectl?

Any idea if a more up to date Numpy would be compatible?

I find no info on:


Thanks for your help.


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