[Numpy-discussion] Row/Column delete

Oliver Hofmann o.hofmann at Smail.Uni-Koeln.de
Thu Sep 7 05:22:57 EDT 2000

'lo everyone!

Been fiddling around with NumPy lately, trying to use it for some simple
clustering algorithms. Those require constant merging or rows and columns.

Since the arrays are static in size I've been looking at the FAQ and
doku for a function that helps with this, but have been unable to find 

What I am doing right now is: Set up a new matrix with one less row
or column (zeros()), then copy all the rows/columns but the one I'd
like to delete to the new matrix.

However, this requires setting up a second matrix for each delete
action. A combined row/column delete requires two copy actions, making
it even slower.

Is there a better/faster way to do this? Ie, parse through the old matrix
and copy individual positions instead of rows/columns?

Any help would be appreciated!

   Oliver Hofmann

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