[Numpy-discussion] Survey available on lapack_lite question

Paul F. Dubois pauldubois at home.com
Thu Sep 14 09:02:26 EDT 2000

I have started a survey on sourceforge which asks the question, should
lapack_lite and the modules that depend upon it be moved to the optional
Packages section.

Pros: this would move these modules out of a privleged position into
equality with other "application" packages. Their presence in the core is
unnecessary. The compilation problems, as yet unsolved, with lapack_lite vs.
alternate implementations, break the installation of the core even for
people who are not using the facilities.

Cons: It would require extra effort to install the Numerical distribution
from source and get back to the current status quo. Some people would be
confused at the changes.

Note: If we did it "right", and made these things into packages instead of
modules that install into Numeric, changes to scripts would be required, but
that is not being proposed here. My vision of this change is that they would
still install directly into Numeric, and would be included in all "prebuilt"

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