[Numpy-discussion] Building Numpy under Python 1.6, Windows

Paul F. Dubois pauldubois at home.com
Mon Sep 18 18:29:04 EDT 2000

Would you try syncing up to the repository and try again? I redid this stuff
over the weekend because so many people are having trouble. The thing should
build in lapack by default and it is in an optional package to boot. I
didn't announce this because I wanted some of my fellow developers to suffer
first, but they don't seem to be in a suffering mood today.

Do cvs update -d -P to get the new structure.

We haven't been doing cvs tags. I suppose if I could remember how to do them
I would do them when I am the one cutting the release (CVS is not my usual
source control system).

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> I have recently upgraded to Python 1.6 (final). Now I can't
> figure out how
> to build Numpy with lapack_lite under windows. There is not a
> makefile for
> lapack_lite for MSVC and the instructions in README don't really
> help. All
> that setup.py will do is complain that lapack_lite is not installed.

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