[Numpy-discussion] Question: arrays of booleans

trainor at uic.edu trainor at uic.edu
Tue Sep 19 17:42:06 EDT 2000

Hello -- I'm a Numpy Newbie.  I have a question for the Numpy gurus about
comparisons of multiarray objects and arrays of booleans in particular.

Back when I was checking out Numpy for an application, I read a note in the
Ascher/Dubois/Hinsen/Hugunin/Oliphant manual about comparisons of multiarray
objects.  It said and still says:

   "Currently, comparisons of multiarray objects results in exceptions,
    since reasonable results (arrays of booleans) are not doable without
    non-trivial changes to the Python core. These changes are planned for
    Python 1.6, at which point array object comparisons will be updated."
    ( http://numpy.sourceforge.net/numdoc/HTML/numdoc.html )

Can anyone comment on what's happening with arrays of booleans in Numpy?
I don't want to duplicate someone elses effort, but don't mind standing
on someone elses shoulders.  My application calls for operations on both
non-sparse and sparce matrices.


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