[Numpy-discussion] 2 i/o questions and an announcement

nick at nickbower.com nick at nickbower.com
Sat Sep 9 00:15:51 EDT 2000

> From my understanding of the code, Numpy2 uses the buffer
> interface. This would be the basis for a fast exchange of data between
> PIL and Numpy arrays.

I should have been more specific <:)  This problem was related to the 
current version of NumPy's interaction with PIUL.

> Regarding IO the pickling of arrays is quite
> fast. Have you tried this already?

So is array.fromfile (faster I would expect).  The issue at hand is not 
the read speed, but avoiding reading into memory then re-copying it over 
to NumPy formats.

> That's right. If you want to read binary formats, for which you
> know the data layout the numpyio package from Travis
> Oliphant is very fast and memory efficient, because it
> builds up the array during the read/write so no copy
> of the data string needs to be in memory.

Ah-ha!  Sounds exactly what I wanted.  I'll check it out.

Thanks, Nick.

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