[Numpy-discussion] Row/Column delete

hinsen at dirac.cnrs-orleans.fr hinsen at dirac.cnrs-orleans.fr
Tue Sep 12 08:03:11 EDT 2000

> What I am doing right now is: Set up a new matrix with one less row
> or column (zeros()), then copy all the rows/columns but the one I'd
> like to delete to the new matrix.

I haven't done any comparisons, but I suspect that Numeric.take() is
faster for large arrays. Try this:

def delete_row(matrix, row):
   return Numeric.take(matrix, range(row) + range(row+1, matrix.shape[0]))

def delete_column(matrix, column):
   return Numeric.take(matrix,
                       range(column) + range(column+1, matrix.shape[1]),
                       axis = 1)

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