[Numpy-discussion] Question: arrays of booleans

Charles G Waldman cgw at fnal.gov
Tue Sep 19 20:22:27 EDT 2000

trainor at uic.edu writes:
 > Hello -- I'm a Numpy Newbie.  I have a question for the Numpy gurus about
 > comparisons of multiarray objects and arrays of booleans in particular.
 > Back when I was checking out Numpy for an application, I read a note in the
 > Ascher/Dubois/Hinsen/Hugunin/Oliphant manual about comparisons of multiarray
 > objects.  It said and still says:
 >    "Currently, comparisons of multiarray objects results in exceptions,
 >     since reasonable results (arrays of booleans) are not doable without
 >     non-trivial changes to the Python core. These changes are planned for
 >     Python 1.6, at which point array object comparisons will be updated."
 >     ( http://numpy.sourceforge.net/numdoc/HTML/numdoc.html )
 > Can anyone comment on what's happening with arrays of booleans in
 > Numpy?

I believe that the passage you quote is referring to David Ascher's
"Rich Comparisons" proposal.  This is not in Python 1.6 and is not in
Python 2.0 and nobody is currently working on it.  The section in the
manual should be revised.

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