[Numpy-discussion] Documentation typos

Christos Siopis <siopis@astro.ufl.edu> siopis at astro.ufl.edu
Tue Apr 3 11:09:31 EDT 2001

I was reading some sections of the latest NumPy tutorial (the one
currently listed as http://pfdubois.com/numpy/numdoc.pdf ) and spotted
these typos, listed below in case you want to fix them. Page numbers refer
to the actual page numbers printed on the page (not the PDF document's

- p.14: "A very useful features of arrays..." (should be "feature").

- p.15, top-of-page NumPy example: arrays are shown printed before the
  corresponding "print" command (see "print a" and "print b").

- p.17: in the "Advanced Users" section: the explanation of what these
  sections are for should perhaps be included in the previous page's
  "Advanced Users" section, since that one is the first such occurrence
  in the tutorial.

- p.19, near the end: Above "identity": "The first example BELOW satisfies...
  while the second array ...": there is only one example "below", the
  buggy example. The first, correct example is probably the one given
  previously on the  same page.


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