[Numpy-discussion] Nieghbourhood functions

Robert.Denham at dnr.qld.gov.au Robert.Denham at dnr.qld.gov.au
Sun Apr 8 19:06:34 EDT 2001

I am looking for efficient ways to code neighbourhood functions.  For
example a neighbourhod add for an element in an array will simply be the sum
of the neighbours:

1 0 2
3 x 3   , then x becomes 7 (first order neighbour), 11 (2nd order) etc.
1 1 0 

I would be interested in efficient ways of doing this for a whole array,
something like  a_nsum = neighbour_sum(a, order=1), where each element in
a_nsum is the sum of the corresponding element in a.

There must be some work done on neighbourhood functions for arrays, so I
would be grateful for some pointers.

Robert Denham

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