[Numpy-discussion] more on MA not pickling

Tavis Rudd tavis at calrudd.com
Tue Apr 17 15:17:00 EDT 2001

I posted something about this a few weeks ago, but got 
distracted before I had a chance to look into it further
Revisions 1.5 and up of activeattr.py in the MA package 
cause a fatal error when pickling is attempted. The pickle 
and cPickle modules don't allow unbound instance methods to 
be pickled and the ActiveAttributes mixin is storing 
attribute handlers, such as ActiveAttribute.basic_get, as 
unbound instance methods.  

Revision 1.4 works fine if basic_get is modified so that 
an AttributeError is raised instead of a KeyError when an 
attribute is not found. 

This bug was introduced in an attempt to allow child 
classes of MA to be able to modify activeattributes. I 
suggest reverting back to rev 1.4 of activeattr with a 
modified basic_get method and forgetting about allowing 
child classes to do this.


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