[Numpy-discussion] Cephes Docs

Scott Ransom ransom at cfa.harvard.edu
Tue Apr 17 20:55:28 EDT 2001

Hi Everyone,

I've had the following done for awhile and hadn't thought to release it
for general use.  It is the standard Cephesmodule 1.3 that Travis
Oliphant has had available for some time at http://pylab.sourceforge.net
with the addition of docstrings for all the functions.  I modified the
original documentation a bit and simply converted it to docstrings.

Simply substitute the new cephesmodule.c file with the one in the Cephes
distro and compile as per usual.  The docstrings have been a huge
beneift for me, as I find the cephes function names a bit cryptic...

You can find the file here:


Hope it will be useful for some of you as well.


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