[Numpy-discussion] [Annouce] Numeric Python 20.0.0b2

Paul F. Dubois paul at pfdubois.com
Mon Apr 23 12:29:13 EDT 2001

Numpy has been restructured slightly to enable use of distutils to build:

Source .tar.gz
Source .zip
Windows installer (a real installer, not just a zip you unzip)
Source RPM
Individual Windows installers for optional packages

You can get these from http://sourceforge.net/projects/numpy.

Changes are:
Version 20.0
   Redo setup.py so that binary windows installers for Numeric, FFT, MA,
   etc. can be made automatically. Packages LALITE and RANLIB merged back
   to top level. Adjustment for BLAS in setup.py.

   Documentation of Numeric module made more compatible with pydoc.

   argmin/argmax/argsort/sort errors with axis specs fixed (bug #233805)
   -- also made them capable of handling args that can be converted to
      arrays by adding an array(a, copy=0) at the start.

   Fixes sum, product, cumsum, cumproduct, alltrue, sometrue to deal with
   zero shape and to take arguments that can be converted to arrays.

   MA: See changes.txt file in MA for bug fixes and improvements.
       New option for average to return sum of weights.

   Fix bug in putmask so that it handles targets of type object.
   Because of reference counting issues this is done in Python, not C,
   and would not be more efficient than doing your own loop, but we
   include it for completeness.

   In Packages add draft implementation for PEP 0242, Numerical Kinds.

   Add PyArray_CopyArray to the API (Thanks to Dave Grote).

   Add defines for cygwin.

   In arrayobject.h, add static declaration to importing API pointer.
   May solve OS X problems.

   Fix bug in FFT packages, added new test. (Thanks to Warren Focke)

<a href="http://numpy.sourceforge.net">Numerical Python</a> -- a fast array
facility for Python.

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